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R&D Field

The research filed of HANYANG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD., the leading R&D car parts company

Division Research Field Purpose of Research and Development
Multi-layered pressing-out materials Improve the quality and price competitiveness
Enhance the existing materials Secure the quality and price competitiveness
Natural filler Develop natural filler with low cost and high physical property
Complex materials Secure the competitiveness with complex use of other materials
High Stiffness Light Panel Mass production of panel with low cost and strong hardness
High Stiffness Hollow Molding

Improve hollow molding and deformation under load

Recycling Technology PP Complex Materials Recycling Technology/Secure low price materials
Use various surface materials Cost Reduction / Apply foreign commercialized technology to domestic
Inter-shock sound insulation Improve the price competitiveness
Other Materials for Construction Artificial Wood, Floor materials, Molding, Home door, Etc.
Household items Container, Food container, Etc.