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About NPS

NPS, Natural Plastic Sheet is the pressing-out product with combined natural fibers and the complex material which has good properties of plastic and natural fibers, non-toxic and 100% reusable eco-friendly material.

It was first developed using Polypropylene and wood powder in Italy, 1975 and began to use as a car interior part material in Fiat, and it is used widely in the best car companies around world because it has good properties such as low absorption rate, strong hardness and measure stability and has a strong point of forming and processing such as high 3-dimensional forming and multi- function united forming

®Wood Stock ® is the trademark of G.O.R Company which fist developed the complex material product of PP and wood powder, and HANYANG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD. Is developing various natural fiber products using bamboo, sisal and kenaf, as well as wood powder and has changed the changed the product name as NPS Natural Fiber Plastic Sheet, and we have constantly developed the products depending on various requirements and high quality to satisfy our customer, car industry and expanded our business eco- friendly materials for construction, landscaping and industry using various natural fibers.