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company information HANYANG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD. was co-founded with HANYANG CHEMICALS (HANWHA CHEMICAL CORPORATION) and Belgium's SOLYAY in 1988 to provide and to meet the demand of high-tech plastic complex materials for the fast-growing Korean automotive industry.

Our Natural Plastic Composite Sheet product lines (NPS) are made from a series of naturally sourced ingredients mixed with polypropylene and other types of engineered plastics, providing reliable performance and benefits to our customers globally.

Hanyang takes innovation very seriously. Our NPS series are simple and productive in forming interior auto components, and show excellent physical properties and mold-ability with thermoforming process. All our products are non-toxic and eco-friendly. NPS scraps are 100% recyclable and reusable, helping our industry to reduce waste and to protect our environment.

We are dedicated to respond actively to the customer's needs by emphasizing continuous research and development. H.A.M. focuses on creating economical values for our industry and providing safer and human friendly products to our society.