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Message from CEO

Welcome all of you visit the web-site of

We aim to grow as a 21st advanced complex materals Production
Company to satisfy customers with best quality and service.

HANYANG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD. is the company which produces eco-friendly car interior complex materials using good quality of plastic and wood, has provided car interior part materials from 1988 to help to enhance the competitiveness and added value of domestic car industry and to contribute the development of car industry to support customers with the technology of forming and processing, facilities and molding as well as a provision of materials.

Also HANYANG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD. had settled the cooperation organization in 2004 and renewed through the second foundation to respond more actively to the change of market and to provide best materials and service to the customer.
We have developed various materials such as bamboo stock, odor enhanced materials, inflammable enhanced materials and inter-shock sound insulation materials, and various processing technologies such as hollow molding, high-hard light board and surface united forming to open up new markets with materials for construction, landscaping and industry as well as car, and all employees are never satisfied with current state and have worked hard to be a company to make better future while developing much better high-tech materials and processing methods.

We are not satisfied with the current position, a leading company in car interior part production and have an ambition to grow as a general complex material production company for construction, landscaping and industry, and we hope your interest and support to HANYANG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD. which has developed as a advanced eco-friendly complex materials production company with best quality and technology for customers. Thank you.