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Eco-friendly complex materials Production Company contributes for human society


The world No. 1 Eco-friendly complex materials Production Company

Operation Strategy (3 stages and 9 years plan)

Stage 1
Foundation establishment
Stage 2
Competitiveness improvement
international competitiveness enhancement
Create a bond through labor -
  management harmony

Improve car-related technology
  - Improve competitiveness of existing
  - Increase parts for application
Increase participation for other use
  - Materials for construction and
  - Food and package
Enhance price/quality satisfaction and
  customers' trust
Create synergy while participating
  in related area

  - Expand part forming business
  - Wood powder and compounding
Increase sales in other uses
  - Advance and establish sales network
   for artificial woods
  - Food and package materials and parts
Develop and increase foreign markets
Advance and establish
  abroad market

Operation Method

• Secure research equipments and specialized personnel for R&D
• Increase R&D investment for technology competitiveness
• Develop materials and technologies for best quality products

• Develop eco-friendly materials with secure quality and provision
• Secure facilities and production technology for best quality
• Develop recycling technology and establish collection system

• Develop part production technology for best quality
• Support the development for customers' competitiveness
• Support the production technology for customers' production stability